How We Rate Casinos

The world of online gaming is crowded with hundreds of casinos fighting for your gaming dollar, and choosing one to play at is no easy task!  How do you know which ones you can trust?  Where should you play for the best chance at a jackpot?  And most importantly, which ones are the most fun?

How We Rate Online CasinosAt Best Slots Canada, we’ve reviewed (and continue to review) dozens of these online casinos to make it easier for you to know where to play.  We open real cash accounts and wager real money.  The reviews we write are based on our own experience – we receive no payment for writing them.  We love online casinos and the only way to find the best ones is to actually play in them and give you a first-hand account of our experience.

The best online casinos are those that have worked hard to earn their player’s trust by offering a secure, fair, and highly entertaining place to enjoy world-class slots action.  Here’s how we find them:

First: The Essentials

For any online casino to be considered by us, it must first meet our minimum standards.  The casino must:

  • Be properly licensed with a recognized gaming authority
  • Have payout rates and game fairness independently assessed by a recognized third party, and the results must be posted
  • Demonstrate a payout rate of 95% or better
  • Offer service in both official languages (English and French)
  • Accept deposits by bank account or credit card with no fee charged for the transaction

  • Offer a withdrawal method by direct deposit or Instadebit
  • Process withdrawals within 48 hours
  • Allow players to deposit, play, and withdraw in Canadian currency
  • Never spam players with offers for other casino brands
  • Be established and running for at least one year

Next: Register, Play, Rank!

If a casino meets the essential criteria we open a real cash account and deposit real money to play.  We then assess the casino a letter grade based on our subjective impression of five features:


How long our money lasts


Quality & frequency of bonus offers


Benefits of VIP Program


BIG WINS & bonus hits


Helpfulness of support agents

Everyone has good days and bad days when gambling so our reviews are never based on a single session.  We revisit the same casino multiple times to ensure we are getting a fair impression.


Casinos never stay exactly the same.  Payout rates change.  Bonus offers change.  Sometimes casino ownership or management will change.  We revisit our reviewed casinos  on a regular basis and adjust their rating if needed.  It’s one thing to earn a player’s trust and loyalty but it’s another to maintain it over the long-term.


Your experience at any casino may be better or worse than ours.  The reviews we write are intended to provide real feedback from real players to help you decide where to play.