Are You Lucky?

We have all met people in our lives who seem to be “born lucky” – they sit down at a slot machine and win big. They find money dropped on the street. They land dream jobs effortlessly. Opportunity and fortune seem to come their way so easily - were they born under a lucky star?

Lucky shamrockWe also know people in our lives who are the opposite – things don’t seem to go right despite their best efforts. Instead of finding money, unexpected bills show up. Maybe they are even accident-prone. They try to do everything right but they just can’t catch a break. Are they cursed?


The answer lies in the mysterious and greatly misunderstood notion of luck. Many people believe that luck is random and beyond their control. But as Claire Doyle-Beland writes in her book, Luck Doesn’t Happen by Chance, “Do not ascribe the course of your life to chance. To do so is an insult to your creator.” defines luck as “the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person’s life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities”. The question is: how can we understand and influence this force so that it operates for good (lucky) rather than ill (unlucky)?


The resources on this page are designed to help you improve your luck. They will help you understand what luck is and how you can shape it to bring more fortune into your life, whether that fortune is big wins on the slots or other games of chance. You can also use the tools here to improve your luck in career, relationships, sports, or any other area of your life.


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Lucky Coins

Lucky Chinese Coins

n Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of harmonizing one’s environment, lucky Chinese coins are among the most powerful tools for attracting money. The round shape of these coins represents heaven and the square hole in the center represents Earth. It is believed that when used by people, the coins engage the luck of the “heaven-Earth-mankind” trinity. Often, lucky Chinese coins are tied in sets of three with fine red ribbon to represent and enhance the power of this trinity.


Genuine lucky Chinese coins must be made of brass or bronze as these metals contain specific metallic energies.