Lucky Vibes

Since ancient times great teachers, spiritualists, and sages have spoke about the limitless power of our minds. Many people today have been introduced to this concept with movies and books on the topic of quantum physics or the Law of Attraction. Unfortunately, some have mis-understood the message and mistakenly believe that a mere wish or desire will bring about their desired result.

Mind Over Matter

The truth is that our mind, or more specifically, our subconscious mind, is capable of much more than we know and much more than we believe. But a simple wish won’t achieve anything. The crucial missing step is to train both the conscious and the subconscious mind to believe and accept as true that you can –and will– have what you desire. That includes better luck at slots or any other game of chance.


Visualization, meditation, “treasure” mind maps, and affirmations are a few of the methods you can use to train your mind. But there are far easier ways to get into a lucky vibe.

Engage Your Senses


Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant essences to enhance mind, mood, and cognitive function. These essences can come from flowers, fruits, spices, resins, and trees. Certain blends can even be used to enhance luck and prosperity.


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Subliminal & Supraliminal Messaging

You might tell yourself over and over again that you are lucky, that you can win, that big jackpots are on their way for you. But if your experience thus far has been the opposite and you don’t truly believe it, your affirmations will be useless because your subconscious mind will not accept them. That’s where subliminal and supraliminal messaging can help. Subliminal messages are recorded at a frequency just below the threshold of your conscious awareness and supraliminal messages are recorded just above the threshold of your awareness. You can use either type of recording to send positive affirmations and suggestions to your subconscious mind. Because you don’t actually hear the messages (you hear only music) the messages are much more likely to be received and acted upon by your subconscious mind.


Canadian hypnotherapist Dr. Laura DeGiorgio has a huge library of subliminal and supraliminal recordings on dozens of topics including improving luck and winning at slots.


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Audio for Luck


Subliminal and Supraliminal audio programs can train your mind to be more intuitive and lucky.


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When you think of hypnosis you probably think of a stage act where the hypnotist takes a volunteer from his audience and hypnotizes them to be ‘at their command’ performing or believing anything the hypnotist tells them. The reality is that hypnosis is, by definition, simply being in a state of heightened suggestibility. Whereas subliminal and supraliminal messages will relay information to your subconscious without your active involvement, hypnosis provides a way for you to actively engage with your mind and explore its infinite possibilities.


Self hypnosis recordings contain a script which guide you into physical and mental relaxation. Once total relaxation is achieved, the script goes on to help you experience or improve virtually anything in your life. Dr. Laura De Giorgio’s Deep Trance Now website has a wealth of free information and sample recordings you can download to try self-hypnosis for yourself. There is also a huge catalog of specific recordings including one to Win at Slots.


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Audio for Luck


Self-hypnosis audio programs can help you win more money more often when playing slots.


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